Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Wonderful Dinner at Jin Du Seafood Reastaurant

Tonight, I'm going to have this King of Crab. Woo...hahaha........

Mommy is too happy to see the King of Crab..... Can't wait to eat the crab and forgot to take any photo of the big crab. Show you next time when we come again...........

Monday, June 16, 2008

My breakfast for today

French Toast...... My Favourite!!

After breakfast, we're going to Singapore for a walk and do some shopping. My cereal is finishing......

Then, we go to Suntec City . Wow.... there's a lot of bicycle, tricycle and go kart. Let's try out all of them.

Daddy, please help me to get the bicycle for me.

Yeah...... my legs can touch the pedals.

Big go kart or the small one??? The small one looks very small when I sit on it and I can't stretch my legs at all. The big one looks cool!!

Now, we're going to make a wish at the Suntec Fountain of Wealth. Mommy and daddy came here every year.

This year will be my first year to make a wish here at the Fountain Of Wealth.

It's time to go back home........

Sunday, June 15, 2008

We went to a dim sum stall to meet my Uncle Hook. He is bringing his friends from Singapore.

But I don't feel like having breakfast today. Mommy scolded me.... I'm so sad and sat all alone in the middle of the walk way.

Uncle Hook's friend come and talk to me. He is trying to persuade me.

Mommy know what can make me feel like to it.....
Hahah.... mommy go to a bakery shop to buy me some donuts.

Hmmm...... it's yummy!!

After the breakfast, daddy bring Uncle Hook's friend to this Kolam Memancing at Taman Sutera. It's a place for prawn fishing. You need to pay RM4 per person for an hour.

Wow...daddy is so concentrate in fishing the prawn. Let's see how many prawn daddy can get today.

One hour later........
Here's the prawn that both of daddy and his friend got.
Hahah..... 2 prawns each. I'm hoping for more.....and the bigger one.

Sigh...... No prawn for dinner tonight. So dissappointed!!

Tonight Uncle Hook bring us to the a stall with a lot of good food. Mommy likes this grilled fish with a lot of sambal on top. Daddy ordered their sizzling noodle and some satays.

We're back home.... a very tiring day!!! Daddy is helping me to stretch my legs. Heheh.....

Saturday, June 14, 2008

This is the poodle balloon that daddy got inside HSBC. There are having some small function to introduce a new product.

Eerhhh...... what's that???!! Take it away from me, please!!!

Today, we going to have our lunch in McDonald.
Hi.....Uncle McDonald!!! Long time no see...... How are you??? I miss you so much!!

Mommy, can you help me to take a photo together with Uncle McDonald???

Wow..... the McDonald playground!!! There a lot of Koko and JieJie inside.

I have take off my sandals before I go in.

Now is the groceries shopping time again.

Mommy needs a clothes drying rack. It's too big and take out my sitting place. Now I have to keep in this kind standing until we get to the counter. Sigh........

Daddy bought this beer to celebrate the match tonight. Germay.....Go Germany!!!

Got to chill it first.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Today, we are going for a walk at Orchard Road. On the way there, daddy receive a phone call. So, we have stop there for a while.

Wow...... there's a big screen TV on the opposite building showing so new advertisement.

This is a good angle to watch the advertisement. Hehhe......

Okay..... daddy is ready. We're going to Wisma Atria for our lunch.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mommy needs a shoe rack for our new home. As we know, Cavenzi is a good place to look for the cheap furniture if we can move it back on our own.

Outside the showroom, there's a small study table. Hehe..... let me go and try the sit.

Oh.... It's good!! I can ask my friends to over to play and study with me on this table.

Hehehe.... but mommy says not now. We have to buy what we really need first. That we can buy it later.

Sigh...... have to wait for their workers to come back from lunch. Or else, no one can help us to move the shoe rack into our car.

Tired of waiting...... Daddy go and buy some drinks. It's Shandy..... can I try it, daddy???

But there's a bit of alcohol contain, so mommy mix the sandy with the plain water inside my water bottle.

Oh.... it feels so good. I can have a good sleep now.

Daddy spotted a very special spoiler and ask mommy to take the picture of it. Heheh..... daddy said it look like the trolley that mommy always use to buy groceries.

We're going to watch movie again. This time we going to watch "The Happening".

After the movie, daddy drive to Danga Bay to check out the cruise. But too bad, the cruise is only open for those who come in a group or function.

Let's take a photo before we go down to the mini theme park area.

I saw a lot of colourful light coming from in front. So, I was running as fast as I can to that area.

Wow..... the snake slide, that's so high up!!! It's too dangerous for me.....

Next, we come to the elephant ride. I was allowed to go for that ride with mommy's accompany. Daddy will waiting for us down there.

Then, I go for few other rides in front. The Kangaroo ride is quite fun.... it's moving in a circle. I think it moves for about 3 minutes. This is the longer ride I have ever ride on. I'm getting bored on it.......

This car is broken down, so I don't get the chance to try.
I try on this battle tank, but it's too boring. It's like for the little baby.

These are all the ride that I dream of...... I'm still not tall enough for it.
Sigh...... But I will be back soon!!!

We're back home now. Let's play some football first before going to take my bath with daddy.
Oouch...... I hit the mirror's edge. Fortunately, it's not on the sharp edge.
I've a really great day today!!! Good night daddy and mommy!!